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Again, you can choose to either search the whole mall or search the specific store you are currently in by clicking the appropriate button featured directly below the search box. How does the electronic shopping cart work? How do I place an order? Shopping carts keep track of the items you might like to order. When you see an item you''re interested in, click on the ORDER NOW button so you don''t forget about it. This will put the item in your shopping cart. Putting an item in your shopping cart does blackhawkhelicopter NOT mean you have to order it! To continue shopping, simply click on the CONTINUE SHOPPING button at the bottom of your shopping cart and browse at your leisure. You can take items in and out of your cart any time. Think of it as an online grocery list. When blackhawkhelicopter you''re finished shopping, you can review what''s in your cart, blackhawkhelicopter keep the things you really want, and delete the ones you don''t by simply clicking.

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What do the airplane and mailbox icons stand for on the checkout screen? The indicates the catalog is available for Standard Delivery. If you select standard delivery, your request is sent directly to the catalog publisher and should arrive within 3-8 weeks. The indicates the catalog is available for Express Delivery. For participating catalogs, our company maintains a limited stock of catalogs at our site. For these publications you can request Express Delivery to receive in-stock catalogs within 10 days. All catalogs ordered with Express Delivery will be sent in one package by regular mail at an additional cost of $1 per catalog. (Catalogs not in stock at our company''s warehouse at the time of your order will be sent directly from the catalog company and will arrive in 3-8 weeks). Does Express Delivery cost $1 per order or $1 per catalog?

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